DataSec LLC

IT Risk Management - Audits and Services

Penetration Testing

Web Application Testing

Intrusion Prevention System  Testing

Complete external perimeter scanning network survey, port scanning, system fingerprinting, services probing, firewall and router access testing, war dialing, web site application testing.

CORE Processing & WAN/LAN Assessment

Network Scanning and Vulnerability Testing

Complete network architecture security review, Firewall/DMZ/Router review, IDS/IDP review, complete network vulnerability scanning, host review for hardening and event logging, workstation review, malware and physical security review.

Complete financial application (“core”) control assessment including architecture and configuration, access control, segregation of duties and personnel controls.

Electronic Banking

·Internet Banking & Bill Pay,

·ATM Debit Card (with pinning ),

·Telephone Banking,

·Lending Systems,

·Database Systems - Data Warehouse with general query writing,

·Database Systems – Cold Storage  with preformatted reports,

·FedLine Advantage – Technical Review,

·Wire Transfer (STARS etc),

·Branch Capture Review,

·Remote Branch Capture and more…